In the middle of January shipping your Hershey Kisses, M&Mís and Chocolate Stars from one end of the country to the other shouldnít be a problem. Unfortunately most weddings, baby showers and parties donít take place in the middle of winter, most take place during spring and summer. Usually when people decide to have a candy buffet they donít realize the complexity of shipping chocolate and other heat sensitive candy during those warmer months.

Below, as former online candy store owners we share some tips and insights into shipping chocolate and heat sensitive candy during spring and summer. Hopefully the information below will answer some of your questions and provide you with some relevant advice regarding ordering and shipping chocolate (and other heat sensitive candy) during warm weather months.

Split it Up!

You can save a lot of money by splitting your order in two. Ship your lollipops, rock candy, mints and other candy not affected by heat via ground shipping. Then you can place another order for your chocolate and have it shipped via express shipping. By splitting it in two you donít have to pay those exorbitant express air shipping fees to expedite candy that is safe traveling via ground.

Knock, KnockÖIs Anyone Home?

Whether your choose to pay more for express air or elect to have your chocolate shipped via ground transportation you need to be sure to have your candy delivered to a location where someone can receive it in person and taken inside. No matter what type of candy you purchase you do not want your package sitting outside in the hot sun for hours and hours waiting for you to return home from work, school or errands.

Ice Ice Baby...

Although beneficial, there is a limit to the effectiveness of ice packs. A few ice packs might be sufficient if your chocolate will be in transit for only 1 to 2 days, however anything longer odds are all the ice packs will have long been melted. It doesnít matter if you order contained 3 small ice packs or 33 large ice packs, the laws of thermodynamics demand that the ice will melt. Please note that for transit longer than 2 days please ice packs are never a replacement for express air shipping.

But It's Cool Where I'm At

If it is July, I live in Maryland and the weather is unseasonably cool over the next week does that mean I can just ship my chocolate via ground shipping and not worry about it? The answer is a resounding no, your local weather conditions is not all you have to worry about!

For example, if you are ordering from a candy company located in California shipping your chocolate via ground means it could travel through several states with some very high temperatures. Conversely, if youíre ordering from a company in New York and the entire East Coast is cooler than normal then maybe ground shipping would be OK.

The key is you have to be aware of both your local weather, where your chocolate is shipping from and the weather in between. Below, to assist you, is a table of locations of some of the larger online candy retailers:

Online Candy Store Location CA, NC,, CA FL
Sweetservices IL MA NJ NY OH, PA

Support Your Local Candy Store

Visit some local candy stores to see what types of wedding or baby shower candy they have in stock. Although most physical candy stores donít have anywhere near the broad selection and lower prices one can find online, it may be best to at least buy your heat sensitive candy locally. This way you wonít have to worry about extra shipping charges and your candy melting during transit.

The Choice is Yours

When we ran an online candy store most customers would still select ground shipping for their candy during the summer months because express air shipping was exponentially more expensive. Since we knew that no matter what advice or warnings we provide most people would still select ground we instituted a number of extra precautions to protect our shipments.

During the spring and summer we would wrap heat sensitive candy in heat reflective foil, use oversized boxes, place heat sensitive candy in the middle of the box and added ice packs free of charge in our efforts to keep candy cool and protected during transit. Even with higher temperatures most of our candy arrived just fine to our customers via ground shipping.

However, there were occasions where candy melted during shipment and since the customer selected ground shipping knowing the risk there was nothing we could do, ultimately it was the customerís responsibility. Any damage due to melting of candy shipped via air was covered, but fortunately during all our years shipping candy that never once happened.

In the end it is your money and your choice regarding how you will have your candy shipped. We donít know of any online candy retailer that is going to replace your candy or refund your money if you select ground shipping in the summer and your chocolate melts during transit. Please make sure you take the time to read the shipping information on the retailerís website or call to ask questions about shipping before you place your order.

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