Just like in any business, you have some great online candy retailers and some that are not so great. Below are a few questions we have put together that you might want to have answers to before you place your order. You want to be sure your candy gets to you fresh and undamaged, you don't want the fun of planning and building a candy buffet ruined by a bad experience with buying candy online!

How is Heat Sensitive Candy Shipped?

Shipping chocolates, caramels and other heat sensitive candy during the summer months was never fun. We would add ice packs and a heat sheild to all meltable candy to help preserve it as best we could, but we could only offer a guarantee against melting if the customer selected expedited shipping (2nd Day or Next Day Air). Unfortunately candy is heavy, so expedited shipping was always an expensive additional cost.

During the summer we also would limit our shipping to Monday through Wednesday to reduce the opportunity of heat sensitive candy sitting on a hot truck or in a hot warehouse over the weekend. Last, we would only pack up orders with meltable candy at the very end of the day to ensure that the ice packs were as cold as possible when we handed our customer's packages over to our shipping service.

Before you spend a fortune on candy for your summer event be sure you have a clear understanding if any of your candy is heat sensitive and if so what precautions does your potential retailer take to keep your candy safe and cool.

How Is Fragile Candy Packaged?

Before shipping we would check each and every Rock Candy Crystal Stick and Candy Stick for breakage and discard any broken ones. We would also put them inside a separate box (inside the larger candy shipment) with its own padding for extra protection. These practices virtually eliminated our customer complaints about Rock Candy Crystal Sticks and Candy Sticks arriving to them broken due to shipping.

Ask your potential online candy retailer about what measures they take to ensure Rock Candy Crystal Sticks, Candy Sticks and other fragile types of candy will arrive to you in one piece. If you're not pleased with their answers we would recommend you purchase these types of fragile candy from a local candy store even if it is at a higher price. It may be better to pay more then to recieve a shipment of broken candy that you can't use for your event.

How is Loose Candy Packaged?

Some loose candy comes in manufacturer sealed bags and usually with that you don’t have to worry too much about bags breaking during shipment. However, a lot of loose candy is sold in bulk (e.g. 20lb, 30lb boxes) and it is up to online retailer to package it for shipment.

We would at least double and sometimes triple bag our loose candy to ensure it would arrive to our customers intact. Sure it took a bit more time and money, but it was worth the extra effort because it eliminated the issue of candy bags bursting open and candy spilling out into the box during shipment.

Many times you'll be able to tell if the candy comes in a manufacturer's sealed bag by the images on the retailer's website. However if you have any doubt don't hesitiate to ask before you order, they should be able to give you a clear answer about packaging and what precautions they take to ensure the candy arrives to you undamaged.

What is the Candy’s Shelf Life?

If you are ordering candy far in advance (e.g. to take advantage of a coupon or to avoid shipping chocolate in the summer) be sure to ask about expiration dates. Now this shouldn't be a big issue to worry about because most candy has a really, really long shelf life (think 6 months, 9 months or even longer), but it is always better to be safe than sorry - especially if you're about to spend a lot of money.

Usually hard candy like Lollipops, Rock Candy or Candy Sticks have the longest shelf life, often more than a year. Chocolate and caramel candy usually have a much shorter duration. If you are ordering candy for an event that is just a few weeks away shelf life shouldn’t be an issue. If your event is a few months away it might be worth your time to inquire.

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