If you’re planning a wedding, baby shower, birthday party or other large event, unless you're Kim Kardashian or Beyonce you're most likely operating on a budget. We get it, most people we know have limited funds and are always looking for ways to stretch their dollars. Below we share a few tips on how you can save some of your hard earned money and still have a fabulous candy buffet.


Our first tip is to include candy that takes up a large volume, especially if your putting together a large candy buffet for a big party or event. For example, gumballs fill up more space in a jar than M&M’s and Salt Water Taffy has more volume than Sixlets and on and on. Often this larger candy is cheaper too so selecting it allows you to fill up your candy buffet's jars, boxes and/or bags at a significantly lower cost.

Below is a list of popular types of candy and their corresponding cost per cup (from cheapest to most expensive). For example, if you know your candy jar holds 10 cups of candy, then from the list you can tell that it would be cheaper to fill it with Salt Water Taffy (less than $1 per cup) than Hershey’s Kisses (more than $2 per cup).


Why just a candy buffet? As delicious and pretty as it might all be, why limit yourself to just candy? Consider adding popcorn, cupcakes, cookies, brownies, marshmallows, etc. and make it a delicious dessert or sweets table! These treats are just as enjoyable as candy (and often much cheaper) and will be a delightful addition your guests will enjoy.

Candy Alternatives

Unfortunately chocolate is heat sensitive and that makes shipping it during the summer somewhat of an adventure. If you are having a summer wedding or party we strongly recommend you order your chocolate (and any other heat sensitive candy) no later than March or April to avoid paying extra for expedited shipping due to hot weather.

Chocolate can last a long time so don't worry too much about it's shelf life. You can check with the retailer about expiration dates before you order, but normally two or three months in your home should not be a problem. If you procrastinate until the weather turns warm it could force you to spend an unconsciable amount of money on expedited shipping which can be very, very expensive!


A handful of M&M's will go fast! Same goes for gummy bears, Hershey's Kisses and jelly beans. However hard candy such as lollipops, rock candy and Lemonheads take a little longer to eat. Gumballs and bubblegum will surely keep a sweet tooth occupied for quite a while! Think about how long it might take to eat the candy in your buffet, including a few types of longer-lasting candy can help your candy buffet last longer and serve more people.


You do not have to buy all new fancy and expensive candy jars and bowls for your candy buffet. Look around your home to see if you already have bowls or other containers that would be suitable to use. Check out Pinterest and investigate the unique ways people display their candy, e.g. organza bags, popcorn boxes, takeout boxes, cupcake liners, plates, etc.

Candy Buffet Inspiration
These frosted takeout boxes are just as cute as a large apothecary jar and they are much, much cheaper.

If you are having a candy buffet at a wedding, please make sure you provide some candy boxes and/or bags so your guests can take some candy with them to their tables. We recommend that you provide smaller boxes and bags (our treat bags), that way your guests won’t load up on candy all at once and then your candy buffet is all gone very quickly – especially if your event is long (like a wedding reception).

With all the colorful, sweet and delicious candy at your candy buffet your guests will return again and again sampling a new candy each time. Make sure you provide enough bags or boxes to accomodate their numerous trips, you'll especially want enough to that people can take some candy home with them afterwards. That is unless you want all the leftovers for yourself!


Don’t provide your guests with super large candy scoops! You don’t want your candy buffet to be gone too fast because a few greedy guests quickly scooped all the candy away. Smaller scoops allow people to get a quick sample and if the candy is sweet enough (as we sure it will be) guests can always come back for more...and more!

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