The most common question in candy buffet planning is "how much candy should I buy?" Now this not an easy question because there is no one size fits all answer, there are just too many factors to consider such as:


Weighing all these factors can be discouraging and even overwhelming. However, we have found that most candy buffet planners totally avoid this stress and simply set a budget and work for there.

Now you might be wondering "how do I set a budget? Is it per person? Is there an exact formula?" Again, don't go and stress yourself out! Just set a budget based on what they can afford, say $100 or $200, and just buy the largest variety of candy within that set amount. Variety is key, you could spend a fortune on candy but if it is all lame and unoriginal much of it could go to waste. Or you could buy a great variety or unique and tasty sweets on a modest budget and it could be a huge hit because it has everyone's favorite sweets!

Visit our Popular Wedding Candy and It's A Girl/Boy Baby Shower Candy sections for lists of popular event candy, browse our Pinterest page and browse online candy retailers to learn about the different varieties of candy and how much they cost. Again, we recommend you get as many varieties of candy as possible to ensure you'll have something that appeals to everyone's tastes. For example, a candy buffet including chocolate, jelly beans, salt water taffy, mints, gummy bears and rock candy would be a great start.


If you still need someting exact, something more mathematical, please go ahead and plan your candy buffet around how much candy you think each guest will eat. You could estimate something like 1/4 lb or 1/3 lb and multiply that by the number of guests (we wouldn't suggest anything over 1/2 lb). For example if your wedding is going to have 200 attendees and you wish to provide each guest with 1/4 lb of candy then you would need 50 lbs (200 guests x 1/4 lb each) for your candy buffet.

If you select this method, the table below will help you visualize how much candy is in your estimated amount.

how much candy is in 1/4th lb how much candy is in 1/4th lb

Please remember this does not negate the need to still provide a broad variety of popular and unique candy. Fifty pounds could be too much if it is just 3 or 4 types of boring and unoriginal candy. Inversely, fifty pounds could go really fast if the candy buffet is filled with a large variety everyone’s favorite sweets which ultimately is the goal of a great candy buffet!

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