OK, we know why you're here! You want to build the most fantastic candy buffet ever for your wedding, baby shower, birthday party or special event. However you have a few questions before you start like "How much candy do you need? What types of candy should you buy? How much candy will fit in your jar?" We have your back with the answers to those questions and more! Just pick a topic below:

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In the section we below we answer a few general candy buffet questions:

Why Is Shipping Candy So Expensive?

When we used to sell candy on this site the #1 question we would get by far from customers was “why does shipping cost so much?” The answer is simple: candy is heavy. When you are ordering a large amount for a party the weight can add up very, very quickly. The greater the weight, the larger and heavier the box(es) and thus the greater the shipping expense.

Also where you live impacts the cost of shipping. The further you live from the online retailer and/or if you live in a rural area the higher your shipping costs might be. Below is a table of the locations of some of the larger online candy retailers:

Online Candy Store Location CA, NC,, CA FL
Sweetservices IL MA NJ NY OH, PA

Online retailers know most customers have sticker shock with the cost of shipping and thus offer free shipping. When you see free shipping we strongly recommend you still do more comparison shopping. There is no such thing as "free shipping," those shipping costs are just transferred into the price of the candy. Be sure to do your research to be sure you're really getting a fair price.

How Far in Advance Should I Order?

Many people wait until its really close to their event to order their candy because they want it to arrive as fresh as can be. Although there is nothing wrong with that strategy you should be aware that most candy has a really, really long shelf life. Ordering a few weeks or even a month in advance sould not make any real difference in the quality and freshness of your candy.

If you wish to order much further in advance to take advantage of a coupon or to avoid having to ship heat sensitive candy via expedited shipping during the summmer candy freshness should still not be an issue. Most types of candy have a shelf life of 6 months, 9 months or even longer. However, you should never hesitiate to reach out to the retailer to have them confirm the shelf life and how you should store the candy before you place your order.

Where to Buy Candy Buffet Jars & Containers?

Usually you can find nice glass mason, candy and/or apothecary jars at your local crafts store like Michael's or Jo-Ann Fabrics. You also might be able to find them at big box retailers like Target or Walmart. You surely will also be able to find them being sold online, but be sure to get the details on how they ship them, you don't want to receive a box of broken glass.

Keep an open mind, all your candy does not have to be served or displayed in glass containers! Why not bowls, plates, takeout boxes, popcorn boxes, etc. Browse around Pinterst for even more unique ideas - ideas that are just as pretty and often cheaper than those large expensive glass jars.

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