Stars Wars Candy Buffet: May the Candy be With You

Star Wars Candy Buffet

In honor of Star Wars 7 we decided to put together a tasty Star Wars themed candy buffet to celebrate. I mean…what else would you do when you’re surrounded by candy all day and your super excited there is a new Star Wars movie coming out in a few weeks? We also know we’re not the only ones thinking about throwing a Star Wars themed party, so we hope our candy buffet will help get your creative juices flowing!

We based our candy selections on some of our favorite Star Wars characters, see the list below: Continue reading

Free Printable Star Wars Candy Buffet Labels

It’s hard to miss that Stars Wars 7 is right around the corner! We predict that this will be the biggest movie of the year (sorry Jurassic Park), and have a strong feeling a lot of people will be throwing Star Wars themed parties all over the world.

We want to help make it a little easier out there for all the party planners who want to make their Star Wars parties extra special. We figure if you’re going to throw a party you might as well make it one to remember. Below is a series of Candy Buffet labels for your party – we’ve got all your favorites including Yoda, R2D2, Darth Vador, CP30 and more!

Star War Candy Buffet Labels-Group

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Free Hello Kitty Candy Buffet Labels

Hello Kitty Candy Buffet Lavels

Hello there…we heard you are putting together a Hello Kitty themed party and guess what: we have the perfect little addition for you! Free Hello Kitty Candy Buffet Labels! How cute is that? We know that if you are doing anything with a Hello Kitty theme, it has to be super cute, like super, super cute and we think these labels are just the thing to help you reach that ultimate cuteness level!

We have 5 different versions for you to pick from: Continue reading

Free Printable Pink Candy Buffet Labels (Oval)

If you are planning a pink candy buffet for a baby shower, birthday party or wedding we are excited to provide you with some FREE printable candy buffet labels. Yes, free because we love you.

To show you how much we love you we have provided not just 1, not 3, not 5, not 8, but 10 patterns for you to pick from! We have candy buffet labels in chevron, polka dot, circles, stripes, zebra, houndstooth, checkers, etc. We shouldn’t forget to mention this again: It’s all FREE!

Free Pink Candy Buffet Labels

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5 Essential Taffy Tips for Your Candy Buffet

Pink Buffet Taffy

So…you’re planning on having Salt Water Taffy in your candy buffet. Excellent choice! When it comes to planning a candy buffet, people usually have lots of questions. Below we have done our best to answer so the most frequent questions people have about adding taffy to their candy buffet. We hope our advice helps you make your candy buffet spectacular!


There are approx. 65-70 pieces of salt water taffy in a pound.



That’s a frequent question, but not an easy one to answer! One option is to set a certain amount of taffy for each guest (for example ¼ lb) and then just multiply it by the number of guests to get a total amount.

Or if you have your candy jars or vases already selected you’ll need to know how many pounds of taffy will fit into each. To figure this out you have to first convert candy weight into candy volume, and we have already done that step for you! One pound of taffy equals approx. 5 cups of candy. Continue reading

Starburst Candy Giveaway!

Starburst Giveaway Pink and Red

It’s Friday everyone and it’s a fun and beautiful day. Except for maybe those of you on the East Coast…or Midwest or even Down South freezing your butts off today. But still, it’s Friday and we haven’t done a candy giveaway since forever. Not one M&M, not one Skittle, not one single Jelly Belly Bean. We know…it’s so sad. We need to change that immediately, we have over 1,700 Facebook fans now, we have got to get on the ball and give you all even more reasons to love Temptation Candy! Continue reading

Sorry…We’re Temporarily Closed


Hello Candy Lovers, it breaks our heart to have to do this. We will be closing down for a couple of days to attend a family wedding. Since we are a family owned company run by family members sometimes when there is a big family event that requires us to attend we have close Temptation Candy down. For this occasion we will be closed for the following dates:

Thursday, January  15th through Monday January 19th

Orders placed between those dates will start shipping out on Tuesday, January 20th. We hate to have to do this to all you Candy Lovers out there, to make you wait a couple of extra days for your candy. It pains us, it distresses us.

However we when we come back we’ll more energized, we’ll be even more inspired and dedicated to make Temptation Candy and even better candy destination. The delay will surely increase your anticipation, and ultimately your delight for when your candy finally does arrive. The candy will be so sweet and delicious…you’ll be overjoyed and the couple of days of delay will be long, forgotten, distant memory.

DIY: Pretzel Buttons

Pretzel Buttons

Recipe originally found at G*Rated.

We saw these Pretzel Buttons on Pinterest and they were so cute that we had to make them. Also, it didn’t hurt that there are only three ingredients and they looked extremely easy to make – which fortunately for us was proven to be true!


Pretzel Buttons Ingredients-SMALL

You’ll also need a cookie sheet and some parchment paper.

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DIY: Candy Candy Sugar Scrub

Candy Candy Sugar Scrub

I spent Christmas in Baltimore this year with my in-laws and I had a blast. When you go to Baltimore there are a few must-haves including Snickerdoodles from The Great Cookie, Utz Potato Chips, Tastykakes Butterscotch Krimpets and Maryland Crabs (just to name a few). Now let’s talk about the crabs…Mmmmm….so absolutely delicious, but so messy! As messy as they are, the chaos is all worth it – there is nothing more satisfying than cracking some tasty crabs open the day after Christmas.

Baltimore Favorites

Unfortunately, our crab eating adventure was right before we were scheduled to go out and meet up with some friends. As you should know, crabs have a crabby smell that is not that pleasant outside of when you are actually eating crabs. We all repeatedly washed our hands, but regular soap and water just wasn’t getting rid of that crabby smell…it just lingered on my hands.

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An Interview with the Candy Gurus

Temptation Candy's Interview with the Candy Gurus

Everyone has an interest, and just about everyone has a blog. There are blogs about raising children, blogs about fashion, blogs about music, blogs about photography, blogs about 18th century French eco-friendly wood instrument making and so on. If there is a niche, there is a blog about it.

That being said, not all blogs are created equal. Most are a boring exercise in supreme narcissism, blogs were selfies before selfies existed. Only every now and then do you come across a blog that is truly insightful, endearing, informing and entertaining…enter the Candy Gurus. When it comes to the niche of candy blogging, we’re not sure if there is anyone out there doing it better than these two guys, Matty and Jonny. We can’t stress to you enough that if you love candy and you love to laugh, then you need to bookmark and follow this blog.

Fortunately for us at Temptation Candy and for all the other Candy Lovers out there, Matty and Jonny agreed to sacrifice a bit of their candy reviewing time to answer a few questions for an interview. So let’s dispatch with the intros and the small talk, if you take some time to read the interview below we are confident you’ll be informed and entertained!

Interview with the Candy Gurus

How did you two meet? When did you two start Candy Gurus?

Jonny: We met a loooong time ago, probably in grade school.  But we didn’t end up being friends until college, where we both attended UCSC.  We had/have a common interest in playing guitar, and everything went from there.  We lived together in San Francisco after school and realized we both loved candy. We were poor, so we didn’t buy a lot, but there was usually a tub of Red Vines (with the lid off so they could age) and some Haribo about.  As you can imagine, that was a sure fire chick magnet. That was sarcasm, just to be clear.

We started Candy Gurus in 2008 or 2009, after going back and forth about what “it” should be: candy makers, candy sellers, or candy reviewers. We both have pretty cool day jobs in the tech biz/arts, so….we settled on reviewing. The main focus was to get free candy.

Matty: Part of the impetus to start was that we read other candy reviews and saw early YouTube videos of people reviewing just saying the most benign things. Honestly, they were a bit boring. And no one was reviewing the best stuff on the market, like Haribo gummies, which at that point were not easy to find or terribly popular in the US. So we thought we were doing our duty, and candy lovers a service, by writing heart-felt, semi-lame, not to be taken too seriously reviews.

Did you ever think Candy Gurus would last as long as it has?

Jonny: I’m not sure WHAT we thought. At first it was hard to get candy makers to look at us as legitimate, but for whatever reason, that changed pretty quickly. I like to think it’s due to our uniquely salty perspective, but it’s probably just because we’re so damn good looking.

Matty: Uh no. I mean he’s right, we ARE dashing. But we didn’t have a true end game here when we started. No exit strategy, if you will.

Is there any particular reason you guys started the site besides your love for candy?

Jonny: No. Aside from our kids (and I suppose our wives), I’m not sure there’s anything I love more than candy. Maybe music. It goes kids>music>candy>wives. Sorry ladies. But it’s really super true: to this day, I get excited trying at new candies. I even like just LOOKING at colorful candy. It makes me feel good.

Not a Happy Wife

Matty: Well I like whiskey a lot these days. And pizza. I’m always hitting my self for not starting a freaking pizza blog.

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