The Last of the Green Lime Skittles

green skittles

It wasn’t easy. We looked high and we looked low. Although they have been gone from us for what seems like forever, we knew that somehow, somewhere there had to be one last bit, one tiny remnant of the sublimely delicious Green Lime Skittles. We knew in our heart of hearts that it had to be possible, somewhere on Earth there had to be some last bit of Lime remaining.

The naysayers and doubters didn’t believe; they refused to have any hope. They had no faith and they let us know it every chance they had:

“Lime is gone” they said.

“Give up and just accept the Green Apple” they proclaimed.

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Halloween Candy Buffet

Check out our oh-so-funky Halloween Candy Buffet! We put a lot of work into this one baby, and by a lot we mean hours and hours of overtime. Never satisfied we kept adding more and more and more candy…and then more and more Halloween decorations. It seemed like a never ending process, but the more we kept adding the better it looked – at least to us!

We think we did a good job, but what do you think? Did we pull it off, or could we have done better? You tell us:

Halloween Candy Buffet by Temptation Candy

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Candy Season: Candy Giveaway #3

Halloween Candy Giveaway #3

We were starting to lose count of our Candy Giveaways for Candy Season so we decided to number them to keep track! This is Candy Giveaway #3, numero tres in Espanol! This giveaway contains one pail of utterly scrumptious Pumpkin Spice Hershey Kisses and one pail of delectably delightful Orange, Mango Melon and Peach Guava Starburst. We are sure your brain is saying “Ummmmm…..candy” right now! Continue reading

Say Hello to Hello Kitty and Some Hello Candy!

LEGO Hello Kitty

We told ya’ll that Candy Season was upon us…we hope you didn’t think we we’re joking! Let’s open October up with a BANG – our second fantastically delicious and over-the-top adorable candy giveaway baby! What could it be this time…Halloween Candy perhaps? Chocolate Candy? Gummy Bears? Nope…none of that…it’s something even better! Continue reading

Candy Season is Coming!

October is almost upon us which means Halloween is right around the corner. We all know what this means: Candy Season! This is every Candy Lover’s favorite time of the year; the time of the year where there is an over abundance of candy everywhere and there is no judgment in gorging on it.  We at Temptation Candy support and promote Candy Season and will do our best to make this one a season to remember!

We want to get an early start on Candy Season and what better way to do so then by giving away some candy! Siri over Siriously Delicious was happy to sponsor our first Halloween Candy Giveaway! Now, you only have 1 day left to enter to win so get over there before time runs out (if had been following us on Facebook you would have already known about the giveaway)!!!

Halloween Candy Giveaway

Halloween Candy Giveaway at!

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LEGO MR. OWL Goes to Work on Labor Day

LEGO MR. OWL Goes to Work

Hello Temptation Candy, I see that last week you all took off for Labor Day…very interesting to say the least. Did you enjoy your time off? Did you sleep in, perhaps woke up just in time for a late brunch and some soap operas? Or did you go to the beach and lay in the sand all day? Or did you do a little shopping in Santa Monica or maybe at The Grove? Perhaps after a quick dip in the pool you spent the rest of the day relaxing poolside. Continue reading

Joining the Fight Against Green Apple Skittles

For reasons unknown, earlier this year Skittles decided to make a dramatic change: switching Lime Skittles for Green Apple. Now, personally my favorite Skittles flavors are Grape and Strawberry, but for the contingent that hold Lime flavored Skittles close to their hearts this change has been utterly devastating news.

Kim Kardashian Lime Skittles

Lime Skittle Lovers have indeed been left out in to dry, thrown under the bus, vandalized, hauled over the coals, rebuked, marginalized and minimized. They weren’t consulted before this monumental change and nor do they have idea if or when Skittles will bring Lime Skittles back. They got the bad news with no warning – out of the blue they go to buy Continue reading

Book Review: Candy Experiments

candy experiments book

Yes Candy Lovers, yes your wildest dreams do come true! Author Loralee Leavitt has come down from the mountaintop and blessed us all with her brilliant book succinctly titled: “Candy Experiments.” Well…actually this book was spawned from Loralee’s equally entertaining and educational website: Whether in book form or on the web, Loralee takes us on a journey where candy meets chemistry and we discover there is more to our favorite sweets beyond good looks and a fabulous taste.

Candy Experiment clocks in at over 125 pages and Loralee gives us a book chock full of over 50 candy experiments. The experiments are categorized by the amount of time it takes to perform (from 5 minutes to several days) and level of ease (easy, medium and advanced). It may be hard at first to part ways with your M&M’s, Skittles, Gummy Worms, Tootsie Rolls, Jolly Ranchers, Marshmallows, Laffy Taffy, Life Savers, etc., but performing these experiments can be just as fun as eating the candy! Continue reading

Q&A With Sugar Baby: Man-Up Bro!

Sugar Baby is our resident guru of all things tasty and sweet. Yes she is only 3 years old, but in matters of candy, age aint nothing but a number. Our faith in her is unwavering, and our reward has been a keen insight into the world of candy and sweets like no other. You can find a skeptic on every corner, but a rock solid sweet tooth? Those are few and far between. However if you are a skeptic with doubts, go ahead and Tweet or email her your innermost candy dilemmas or sultry chocolate temptations (you can do it anonymously). Hopefully she will deem it worthy of her time and provide you with a life-altering response. As she would say: “Smoooches!”

QuestionLet me make this short and to the point. I am lawyer at a top law firm in the city which requires me to work at least 80 stressful hours a week. The only thing that keeps me sane is candy, I have a huge candy bowl on my desk filled with NERDS, Jolly Ranches, Tootsie Pops, AirHeads, Hershey Kisses, etc. Whenever I get super-stressed out or demoralized about something at the job, candy saves the day! Continue reading

LEGO MR. OWL in San Francisco

Hey Yall,

What’s up Temptation Candy! This is LEGO MR. OWL here still living it up in San Francisco. It is such a beautiful city that it is has been kind of hard to leave. Maybe I’ll come to LA sometime next week…but only after me and a few friends squeeze in a few more days of wine tasting. I’ve attached a few more photos of my visit here to San Fran – hope all is going well with your online candy store and everything!



LEGO MR. OWL gets his portrait done

Hey look at me getting my portrait done! I am now a work of art baby!

LEGO MR. OWL gets photobombed!

I was posing for this picture and then this guy comes out of no where and photobombs me! Dammit!

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