Silver & White Christmas Candy Buffet

Happy Holidays Candy Lovers! Is this your favorite time of the year? Christmas is filled with so many good things: the songs, peppermint hot chocolate, eggnog, gift giving, love, fellowship, warm hugs, boisterous laughter and unforgettable time with family and friends. For many it’s the only time of the year we really disconnect and spend extended time with all of our loved ones. However, let’s not forget about the candy. The delicious, scrumptious, delightful Christmas candy!

Over here at Temptation Candy the Holidays are for sure our favorite time of the year. Although we get bombarded with order after order after order and we work a lot of late nights, it doesn’t take away from the Christmas spirit. What can be better than sending out candy fulfilling everyone’s Christmas candy dreams?

To share a little Christmas spirit with all you Candy Lovers out there we wanted to give you a bit of candy inspiration with our Silver and White Christmas Candy Buffet. Maybe this can give you a few ideas if you’re planning a little holiday get together this season.

Christmas Silver & White Candy Buffet

Christmas Candy Buffet Silver and White

So by now you’re most likely wondering what candy we used in our Christmas Candy Continue reading

A Dude Tries to Make Stained Glass Jolly Rancher Lollipops

A Dude Tries Stuff From Pinterest

Hello again Candy Lovers, the Dude is back! Hope you all enjoyed my last post about the Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup Rice Krispie Treats, I ate them all up and then my wife used the last half of the box to make a second batch of Rice Krispie Treats – I’m just now returning to Earth from Rice Krispie Treat heaven! Yuuuummmy!

For this next sweet treat Temptation Candy is still taking it easy on me, nothing too complicated with this one: Homemade Jolly Rancher “Stained Glass” Lollipops. Temptation Candy made a simpler version of these lollipops last year, this new version just adds the beautiful stained glass twist. This version was originally sourced on Pinterest via

Stained Glass Jolly Rancher Lollipops

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Temptation Candy’s It’s A Girl Pink Baby Shower Candy Buffet

Hello again Candy Lovers! We are really going to try to our best to keep our Candy Blog going strong, even though we are constantly busy tooling away building awesome things like this lusciously gorgeous Pink Baby Shower Candy Buffet.  Life is so hard for us.

We think this is the perfect time to share some of these candy buffet pictures, winter is coming so we know a lot of you will be spending more time indoors, and when people spend more time indoors you know…well things happen and…well let’s just say next fall there might be some babies coming. That said why not start thinking about the baby shower now, it never hurts to be prepared!

Pink It's  A Girl Baby Shower Candy Buffet

We have all types of sweetness in our candy buffet! Sweets Bubble Gum Salt Water Taffy, Shimmer Pink Gumballs, Pink M&M’s, Neon Pink Gummy Bears, It’s A Girl Hershey’s Kisses and Pink Foil Hard Candy. Is your mouth watering yet? Continue reading

A Dude Tries to Make Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup Rice Krispie Treats


A Dude Tries Stuff From Pinterest

Hello Candy Lovers, I’m the ‘Dude’ in Temptation Candy’s new series “A Dude Tries Stuff From Pinterest.” FYI, I didn’t name the series.

Here is a little bit about me, I’m married with no kids, I love candy and I’m no Martha Stewart, or Martin Stewart in my case. However, I think I’m rather intelligent, as in I can read and follow instructions. So I have confidence I’ll be able to replicate these recipes or whatever else my friends over at Temptation Candy can find on Pinterest for me to attempt. The thought is if I can do it, you can do it. Also, I’ll give you my honest opinion if it is even worth doing, which might be the most important aspect of this series.

To kick things off we all decided to keep it simple. It doesn’t get any simpler than Rice Krispie Treats. These are a personal favorite of mine; I’ve been making these on my own for most of my life. On Pinterest they found me a recipe for “Reese’s Peanut Butter Rice Krispie Squares” by via’s 50+ Amazing Reese’s Recipes.

Rice Krispie Treats with Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups?  Hmmm, I do love Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups…but in my Rice Krispie Treats? I don’t really know, but let’s proceed with an open mind!

Reese's Peanut Butter Cup Rice Krispie Treats

The recipe is as follows: Continue reading

Relaunching Our Candy Blog!

Relaunch of Temptation Candy's Candy Blog

Relaunch of Temptation Candy’s Candy Blog

Hello Candy Lovers, it’s been a long, long, long time.  In fact it’s been almost a year since we last updated our blog. During this absence we have not stopped posting to Facebook, in fact we have gained over 1,000 new friends. We have not stopped pinning on Pinterest, again we have gained over a 1,000 new followers there too. We haven’t stopped Tweeting or posting to Tumblr either. However, nothing, zero, zilch, nada has been posted here on our blog.

This poor little candy blog, we have just neglected it so. We have overlooked this simple platform for all the bells and whistles of Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, etc. Well…no more Candy Lovers. Today it all ends. Today is a new day, a new fresh start. Today we relaunch Temptation Candy’s Delicious Candy Blog!

Gone is also the outlook that we had with our old candy blog. Not to say anything was wrong with our old posts, but with this relaunch we intend for our blog to be much more informative, useful and creative. We want to share with you new types of candy, candy recipes, candy buffet idea, candy party tips and so much more. We believe that these new candy topics will be much more helpful and valuable to all the Candy Lovers who come across this Blog.

So today let us all celebrate this new start, this new beginning! Thank you for coming back to us Candy Lovers, we promise we won’t disappoint!

The Last of the Green Lime Skittles

green skittles

It wasn’t easy. We looked high and we looked low. Although they have been gone from us for what seems like forever, we knew that somehow, somewhere there had to be one last bit, one tiny remnant of the sublimely delicious Green Lime Skittles. We knew in our heart of hearts that it had to be possible, somewhere on Earth there had to be some last bit of Lime remaining.

The naysayers and doubters didn’t believe; they refused to have any hope. They had no faith and they let us know it every chance they had:

“Lime is gone” they said.

“Give up and just accept the Green Apple” they proclaimed.

“You guys are such Lime Losers” they professed.

But no matter what we never gave up, we never gave in. It couldn’t be true, there had to be some Green Lime Skittles somewhere! The search was arduous and we must admit there were times where our own faith was tested. However, after months and months of searching, of failure and rejection our faith and hard work was finally rewarded! We found them, and not just a handful, but more…much more. A FULL 2 POUNDS OF GREEN LIME SKITTLES!!!

Although we are a candy company, we are only human. We must admit the thought came across our minds to keep all the Green Lime Skittles for ourselves, to secretly enjoy all the scrumptiousness and forbidden Lime Skittles flavor. No one would be the wiser; no one would know our deep, dark Skittles secret.

But no matter how delicious those Lime Skittles would be, our conscience wouldn’t let us violate our customers’ trust and love. Our motto is to ‘share the candy with the people’ and to keep all those Green Lime Skittles to ourselves would go against everything we stand for, everything we have worked so hard for.

So here they are for you Candy Lovers, our very last 2 lbs of Green Lime Skittles. The office bet is that they won’t even last 24 hours*. Let the countdown begin!!!

*Update: These Bad Boys sold out in 2 hours. Green Lime Skittles are just so badass.

Halloween Candy Buffet

Check out our oh-so-funky Halloween Candy Buffet! We put a lot of work into this one baby, and by a lot we mean hours and hours of overtime. Never satisfied we kept adding more and more and more candy…and then more and more Halloween decorations. It seemed like a never ending process, but the more we kept adding the better it looked – at least to us!

We think we did a good job, but what do you think? Did we pull it off, or could we have done better? You tell us:

Halloween Candy Buffet by Temptation Candy

Our Halloween Candy Buffet includes Halloween M&M’s, Orange Reese’s Pieces, Orange Sour Balls, Orange Pineapple Candy Sticks, Pumpkin Spice Hershey Kisses, Orange and White Gumballs, Mango Melon Tropical Starburst, Tangerine Mango Blow Pops, Goetze’s Caramel Creams and Orange Skittles. All of our Halloween decorations and containers (hay, spiders, skull, pumpkins, apothecary jars, etc.) are from Michael’s.

Yes, all that hay will surely be a mess to clean up. However, that is only a small trivial concern compared to the most fantastic fact about this Halloween Candy Buffet: We all at Temptation Candy GET TO EAT IT! Yes, that is what you call a win-win! Happy Halloween everyone!

Candy Season: Candy Giveaway #3

Halloween Candy Giveaway #3

We were starting to lose count of our Candy Giveaways for Candy Season so we decided to number them to keep track! This is Candy Giveaway #3, numero tres in Espanol! This giveaway contains one pail of utterly scrumptious Pumpkin Spice Hershey Kisses and one pail of delectably delightful Orange, Mango Melon and Peach Guava Starburst. We are sure your brain is saying “Ummmmm…..candy” right now! Continue reading

Say Hello to Hello Kitty and Some Hello Candy!

LEGO Hello Kitty

We told ya’ll that Candy Season was upon us…we hope you didn’t think we we’re joking! Let’s open October up with a BANG – our second fantastically delicious and over-the-top adorable candy giveaway baby! What could it be this time…Halloween Candy perhaps? Chocolate Candy? Gummy Bears? Nope…none of that…it’s something even better! Continue reading

Candy Season is Coming!

October is almost upon us which means Halloween is right around the corner. We all know what this means: Candy Season! This is every Candy Lover’s favorite time of the year; the time of the year where there is an over abundance of candy everywhere and there is no judgment in gorging on it.  We at Temptation Candy support and promote Candy Season and will do our best to make this one a season to remember!

We want to get an early start on Candy Season and what better way to do so then by giving away some candy! Siri over Siriously Delicious was happy to sponsor our first Halloween Candy Giveaway! Now, you only have 1 day left to enter to win so get over there before time runs out (if had been following us on Facebook you would have already known about the giveaway)!!!

Halloween Candy Giveaway

Halloween Candy Giveaway at!

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