Hello there, welcome to Temptation Candy! Here we do our best to share with you ALL the advice knowledge we have regarding planning a providing candy and decorations for a party, baby shower or wedding. We believe party planning should be fun and stress free and we hope our insights will help make that true for you.

So now you might be wondering who we are and why you should trust that we know anything about candy buffets, decorations and party planning? Like... what's our resume? Well, we used to operate this site as an online candy store for more than 6 years where we provided candy and party supplies for thousands upon thousasnds of parties, weddings and baby showers.

Through that experience we gained in-depth knowledge about what types of candy people loved in their candy buffets, what common questions customers would have, what mistakes people would make and so on. Although we know longer sell candy, why let all that knowledge and experience go to waste? How selfish would that be to keep all this know-how and expertise to ourselves?

We hope this helps!

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